Dental Compounding

The Dentist’s Chair Has Never Been More Comfortable Now That New York’s Apple Valley Pharmacy Prepares Dental Compounds!
Dental Compounding By Apple Valley Pharmacy in NY can get you past the anxiety associated with sitting in the dentist’s chair. The discomfort and apprehension of dental work can be alleviated when compounding pharmacists at Apple Valley Pharmacy prepare medications that can lessen the physical discomforts experienced when visiting the dentist.

Types of Medications That Can Be Compounded: Oral Mucosal Bandage Used For Dental Compounding

No two patient’s, and no two mouths are alike. Due to the variety of patients who sit in the dentist’s chair, compounded medications allow for each patient to be treated with specialty prepared medications unique to their needs. Working closely with a compounding pharmacist, a dental practitioner can prescribe medications for:

  • Antivirals

  • Analgesics

  • Antibiotics

  • Topical Anesthetics

  • Sedatives

  • Dry socket mixture

  • Root canal past

  • Plaque removal solutions

  • Oral rinse

  • Adhesives

  • Bleaching gel

A variety of preparations can be compounded at Apple Valley Pharmacy to treat problem areas and various disease states. These include:
• Bleaching/whitening agent
• Fluoride treatments
• Fungus/candida
• Pre and post procedural anxiety syndromes
• Gingivitis (gum disease)

 Available Compounding Methods
Dosage forms can be altered with dental compounding to include a selection of delivery methods. These include:

• Gels, orals, topicals
• Mucosal bandages (polyoxyl)
• Mouthwashes and rinses
• Troches/sublinguals
• Dental ointments and pastes
• Chapstick and lip balms
• Topical and oral spray
• Powder puffer

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Anna Caddell