Compounding for Pain Management


Our New York Pain Compounding Pharmacy Customizes Pain Medications!

Pain is the most common symptom for which individuals seek medical help. Acute pain can easily evolve into chronic pain, which can become difficult to treat. Many commonly prescribed, commercially available pain relief medications help the symptoms associated with chronic conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraine headaches and other nerve and muscle pain, but they can also result in unwanted side effects such as drowsiness, dizziness, stomach irritation, drug interactions and even dependence.

Apple Valley’s Compounding Pharmacists Can Solve Your Pain Medication Issues

Alternate Dosage Forms – Some commercially available medications are difficult to take. Our compounding pharmacists and pharmacy technicians can provide alternate methods of delivery to make the process easier. Instead of a tablet or capsule, pain medications can often be compounded as a topical cream or gel that can be directly applied to the site of pain and absorbed through the skin.

  • Topical gels

  • Creams

  • Sprays

  • Custom flavored troches

  • Nasal sprays

  • Suppositories

Some patients cannot take medications orally due to side effects, drug interactions or because the burden of taking too many is too difficult to manage. We can combine active ingredients and apply directly to the site of pain. Consequently there will be no, or very little, systemic absorption and therefore no liver metabolism, no gastrointestinal side effects and no drug interaction, as well as the avoidance of psychological or physical dependence.


Many patients taking pain medications come to accept these painful conditions as a part of daily life, but they may find that pharmacy compounding offers personalized pain relief through a variety of preparations.

Apple Valley’s Compounding Pharmacists Can Solve Your Dosage Problems
Because patients vary in size, symptoms and pain tolerance, commercially available medications sometimes may not provide the appropriate dosage strength for an individual patient. Through compounding, a healthcare provider and pharmacist can customize the dosage to the exact amount the patient requires, and find a dosage form that best suits the patient’s needs.

Apple Valley’s Compounding Pharmacists Can Formulate Commercially Unavailable Medicine
From time to time, a manufacturer may discontinue medication. Often this is because it is not needed in the vast quantities necessary to make mass production cost-effective, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still patients who need it. If this is the case with you, our compounding pharmacy can prepare a prescription for the discontinued product, tailoring the strength and delivery form to your specific needs.

Stop by or call today to see how compounding may help improve a patient’s quality of life by providing relief with potentially fewer side effects and less overall medication.

Anna Caddell