Saw Palmetto Extract may be a useful dietary supplement for men who wish to support and maintain the healthy structure and function of their prostate gland.

  • Saw palmetto is used mainly for urinary symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate gland (also called benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH).
  • Saw palmetto is also used for other conditions, including chronic pelvic pain, bladder disorders, decreased sex drive, hair loss, and hormone imbalances.



Saw Palmetto Extract, one of Apple Valley Pharmacy’s recommended supplements supporting healthy prostate function, contains a number of beneficial compounds including fatty acids that may support the healthy structure and function of a man’s prostate.


Common Names–saw palmetto, American dwarf palm tree, cabbage palm

Latin NamesSerenoa repens, Sabal serrulata



The active ingredients of Saw Palmetto Extract, a NOW brand dietary supplement, include Pumpkin Seed Oil (a nutritional oil rich in essential fatty acids, EFAs, known for its high phytosterol content) and Zinc (a mineral with a strong role in maintaining prostate health, testosterone levels and overall sexual health).