Simplify your life with the synchronized prescription refill service.
The SyncRx Program is a convenient, new way to have all your prescriptions filled at the same time each month.
• No need to call in prescription refills.
• Fewer trips to the pharmacy.
• Fewer hassles with insurance carriers.
• No worries about running out of your medication.
• Prescriptions are ready on your refill day.
• Click here for Agreement to Participate in the Synchronized Prescription Refill Service, pdf format

AVP_sync-rx-inset-275x275I can’t say enough about your Pill Packaging service and how it’s helped our family. Mom, who is 87 and on numerous prescriptions, simply could not keep track of all of the different pill bottles and when each medication needed to be taken. Frankly, it was difficult for any of us to stay on top of.
The pill cards have simplified the whole process. She’s had no problem sliding the pills out the back of the package and doesn’t need to think twice about it. We also love that her nutritional supplements are part of this packaging, too. So nice not to deal with t
wenty pill bottles!
Thank you, AnnMarie and staff, for always getting the latest and greatest to make life easier! ~ Inez F. | Warwick, NY

Here’s how SyncRx works:

At the same time each month, your prescriptions are ready to be picked up or delivered locally right to you. A week or so prior to your prescriptions being refilled, you will receive a call from the pharmacy to confirm which prescriptions are needed.

Best of all, we’ll call your doctor for refills or deal with your insurance company directly to reduce or eliminate any hassles.

We simplify the process of taking your medications correctly.

Synchronize your prescriptions. Simplify your life. It’s easy. It’s convenient. It’s free. Sign up today!Click here for Agreement to Participate in the Synchronized Prescription Refill Service, pdf forma